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Take a Cue from Max

Taking a Cue From Max

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Most if not all pet lovers have something in them that gets them so attached to their pets to the extent that when they are affected in any way, they also catch the fever. This is so true for those who visit a vet on various occasions, for their pets to be attended to by professionals who are knowledgeable in veterinary care for pets.

Just like human beings, pets with reference to dogs fall ill sometimes and worse still may fall victim of nasty accidents that may affect them in one way or another. When this is the case, caring for your dog will be important to help them recuperate easily and steadily and that is why veterinary services are important.

Dogs are prone to accidents among other things and a characteristic example is Max a Siberian husky who was hit by a London bus recently that scrapped off his skin on the left. This was definitely a nasty and painful experience and Max was in need of urgent attention, in addition to the best care available to help him recover.

The Royal Veterinary College (RVC) hospital took over the responsibility of according Max the medical attention he needed and part of the things that were performed in the process was a number of skin grafts on him. This was found to be necessary since the affected area was in bad shape just to say the least.

But what caught the attention of many during a visit by the Duchess of Cornwall to RVC as the hospital celebrated its 30th anniversary, was when Max showed up clothed in a multi-colored onesie. This was rather unexpected and the sight of Max in the eyes of many was something worth beholding.

Max was cute in his new attire that it was difficult to imagine he had a huge scar hidden underneath the onesie and the main reason behind having him in one of these, was to protect the wound on his left side. For Max, this was a coat of protection but for those who had no idea, it was a smart way for husky to show up for such an event.

The husky charity Heart Welfare came up with the idea and for sure it has been well received by many who have met Max so far. For some, it has been hard to resist a cuddle with him and as was expected, there are those who have gone beyond a cuddle to ask whether they can get a matching onesie for their husky.

In this particular case, the onesie might have been serving a specific purpose but it ended up availing much more than this. For pet lovers, this is a great idea to pamper your dog as you take pride in walking them around within the neighborhood, or trails around your locality. On the other hand, If you are very specific about looks and impressions then, a onesie such as the one on Max, will not only be special but strikingly outstanding too.

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