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“Pulling Gene” and Racing History of the Huskies

Balto-400PXNot every other dog breed is fit for the sled but most huskies have been found to deliver as far as this is concerned thus increasing their popularity as sled dogs. Though this is the case, sled races are not limited to huskies only because you will find Labradors and working farm dogs that have taken to racing.

What is important in this case is the right size, strength and a healthy breed that enjoys pulling the sled. If yours is not into sleds, there is no point forcing him since this is just not his thing. To this effect, scientists have indicated that there is what they call a pulling gene in dogs and they have suggested that this gene is what determines whether a specific dog enjoys pulling or not.

One of the best places to discover whether your husky has this microcluster of genes, is the Southland Sled Dog Club that has a woodland track where scarper events are organized every Sunday morning during winter. The suggestion is that once you visit this place, it will be easy to discover whether your dog is into sled or scooter pulling or not, by the way he reacts.

Apart from sled pulling, the Siberian husky also loves to race and this is what made this breed famous after the 1925 serum run to Nome event with two dogs; Balto and Togo taking center stage. Togo is credited for having guided Leonhard Seppala who was his musher on a 91-mile journey that required then to cross deadly Norton Sound on their way to Golovin.

It was the longest run of the relay that Togo ran. Though this was a great achievement, Balto remains famous of the two dogs since he delivered the serum to Nome after completing the final stretch of the race measuring 53miles. As a result, a bronze statue in honor of Balto was set up at Central Park, New York City and it remains as one of the places that are frequented by various visitors within this region.

This serves to indicate that the Siberian husky has been wired for racing as well as pulling sleds since time immemorial and has the strength to go the long haul compared to other breeds out there. As a sled or scooter racing enthusiast you might want to try out the husky that will not only give you a unique experience, but also some tense moments as the speed picks up to over 40kph.

As speed increases, huskies tend to get excited and they will rarely slow down for corners. This is definitely an exhilarating experience that many sled or scooter race lovers seem to enjoy whenever such events are organized. Being in the midst of a pack of dogs during such events will obviously be deafening at the onset and one the race starts, huskies will be delighted to outdo each other as they get consumed by the excitement of racing with others. It is a special opportunity worth seizing.

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