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Luna – The Missing Husky

LunaA break-in into any house or home can be a traumatizing experience that can remain etched in one’s mind for a long time. Often, it might take long before the affected get to recover from such an experience and it becomes worse if looters take off with something valuable or precious to a specific family or individual.

This is exactly what the family of Torres had to go through when crooks broke into their house recently on a Tuesday afternoon. Once they got into the house, they took $1,000 that the son to Torres was saving for school, expensive Nike and Air Jordan sneakers and a PlayStation 4 that she had bought her children.

That was not all. These crooks tormented 2 huskies in the house namely Malachi and Bella as well as Max a German shepherd, before shooting them with a paintball gun that left the dogs with a yellow, green and orange coat of paint. They also went further to pour bleach on the lady’s clothes.

But what broke the heart of the mother of two the most was that they had made away with their precious husky puppy – Luna. She did not mind about anything else apart from having her puppy back and so she reported the matter to the police, who in turn began a search for lost Luna.

The same week Luna was stolen, Torres received a call on Friday at around eight in the morning from one purporting to know the whereabouts of her precious puppy. The caller indicated that he needed a cash reward of $500 before he could reveal the location, to which Torres agreed and the caller hang up.

Thirty minutes later, he called Torres once more and gave an address to a vacant building on Boston Road just 3 miles away from the abode of Torres and family. This location was still under construction. Immediately after this, Torres contacted the police and gave them the address. What followed was that dispatched police made their way to the location and nabbed 6 suspects.

Luna had been in the custody of these crooks for 4 days and when she was found, she was unharmed. Torres and family were happy to be reunited with their puppy but she indicated that Luna was affected after being away from them for that time. According to Torres, the puppy seemed scared and could not play with her toys as usual.

The caller made several other calls to Torres after this demanding the cash reward and whenever she agreed and a meeting was arranged, she always appeared at the proposed scene with police. The sight of police has caused the said caller to escape before they could verify his identity and lay hold on him on several occasions. Torres on her part, continued to receive more calls from the strange guy that she did not answer and due to the experience, she was prompted to plan on leaving the neighborhood, to where they would feel safer and secure.

It’s great to have Luna back but peace of mind for the family is of the essence too and most probably, they may be forced to seek settlement elsewhere eventually.

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