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Latest Commercial Featuring Huskies

LatestCommercialCelebrities, models, divas among other persona’s have been features in various commercials; of course, it is amazing to see them take various roles. This has promoted various brands to the extent that huge gains have been realized as a result of engaging VIPs in commercializing the same.

However, in the recent past, the world of advertising and commercials has grown beyond these boundaries and today; it is taking somewhat of an innovative turn. Nowadays, you will find all soughts of unique ways to promote various brands using commercials, in a bid to be creative as creators of the same advance in out of the box thinking.

Well, Siberian huskies are perhaps the latest entry into this world, having been featured in the latest 2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport commercial. This is definitely a well thought out idea that is meant not only to promote this particular brand, but also to show the heights that commercials have scaled, in this day and age.

The commercial features a woman with a team of sled dogs that is stuck on one side of a wintry river. In the midst of this, a gentleman arrives driving the new Land Rover model, picks up the lady and her dogs and takes them to the other side of the river. Once on the other side, the lady and her dogs jump out of the car; thankfully, and the Land Rover drives off into the sunset.

Margie Leopold the owner of Pretty Pooch Grooming based in Cranbrook, is the actress featured in the commercial together with Reno, Nuka, Nash, Bliss, and Jordan, the Kuvuk Siberian Huskies. According to the owner, all of these are amazing dogs that are part of the Canadian Championships.

She indicates that Nash in particular is a Grand American Grand Canadian Champion that in 2014 was featured in the top 15 Siberian in Canada where he held the 10th position for some time. On the other hand, the film crew that was engaged in production of the commercial was impressed by the fact that the dogs remained calm.

This was so evident when they had to sit in the Land Rover for a long period of time but still held their peace. Two of the dogs that took part were puppies and had to be trained on running in harness which was the other requirement apart from being calm and quiet. This took a period of 2 days. Success was realized in the process in addition to training the dogs on jumping in and out of the car with no one in it.

For this to be achieved, the coordinator in charge of the animals had to use a beeper that alerted the dogs on when to jump inside the vehicle. On her part, when Leopold was hired to double up as an actress in the commercial, help was of the essence, since she had never done this before. Her daughter was very instrumental in this as she helped guide her in the process.

The commercial filmed behind Fortress Mountain with some shots of the Bow River between Canmore and Calgary and others of the river fording sequence near Vancouver, is a great picture of what huskies are capable of out of the ordinary.

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