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Jail Sentence for Husky Stealer

Jail-Sentence-for-Husky-StealerCommitting an offense once is one thing but having an extensive history of crime is another thing altogether. For those who appear in court for the first time after committing their first offense, the judge may be lenient to some extent in their final verdict and the same case applies to whoever pleads guilty in their first offense before a judge.

Contrary to this, it is quite hard to trust anyone who has committed several offenses and believing that they will not commit a similar or a different offense in future. That being the case, even if they were to plead guilty, their verdict will most probably take a different turn from what may be the case in the scenario mentioned earlier.

Joseph S. Benson is a 29-year old who hails from Clarkston and had to appear before District Judge Marc Barron some time earlier this year for stealing a husky named Kodi. In the course of the proceedings, Mr. Benson pleaded guilty of the offense and indicated how sorry he was for the heartache he had caused the owner as well as any trouble he had caused everyone else. This was perhaps the right thing to do at such a time but the issue was that Benson had 3 misdemeanor convictions, several parole violations as well as 4 felony convictions out of Ohio, Michigan and Georgia.

It goes without saying that pardoning such an individual would be the last thing that the affected would expect a judge to do, even after they have pleaded guilty. The verdict that Judge Barron drew, took exactly the same course. Benson was sentenced to the maximum jail time due to his extensive criminal history and actions.

Judge Barron indicated that Benson was not a viable candidate for probation and that it should be noted that he stole somebody’s dog. Chris Barnett the owner of the husky was on some shopping errand at Kroger supermarket at 4099 Telegraph Road in Bloomfield Township when he left Kodi the husky leashed to a pole.

Barnett took only 20 minutes in the store only to come out to find his dog missing. It was a painful experience for him and he could not hide the heartache he had on the inside. He indicated that those who own dogs know just how they become part of their families when they bring them in and Kodi was this and much more to Barnett.

Social media is a powerful communication tool that many opt for on various occasions and this particular case was no different. News about the missing husky on the social platform went viral and within a few days, a tipster sent Barnett a message on Facebook that linked Benson to the crime.

Though Kodi was unharmed when he was found, the collar containing Barnett’s phone number and name had been removed. In addition to the verdict, Benson was ordered to pay court fees amounting to $275. On his part, Barnett was happy to have been reunited with Kodi in addition to the verdict that had been given and thanked the media and everyone who was instrumental, in fostering the realization of success through the whole process.

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