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How is Growing up with Huskies for a Cat?

HowIsGrowingUpA dog has been termed man’s best friend and this is so true. But can a dog befriend a cat too given that they have a history of rivalry no matter the breed? Interesting question! Well, owners of 3 huskies in San Jose, California are better placed to answer this question after deciding to adopt a cat.

Rosie the cat was rescued recently at only 3 weeks by Thoa Bui and her two sisters; Thi and Tram Bui. At the time of her rescue, Rosie was lethargic, malnourished and almost dying; definitely a bad state. When she was brought in, she was first introduced to Lilo who is the Husky leader of the pack that has been taking care of Rosie.

Thi and Tram Bui are the owners of Lilo, Rosie and Infinity; another husky. The other husky forming part of this pack is Miko whose owners are cousins to the Bui sisters. When Rosie was finally introduced to Lilo, they blended well to the extent that the husky acted as a surrogate mother.

The bond was so strong that Lilo never left Rosie’s side for a long period of time. The two would even cuddle, and Lilo was there for Rosie until she became of age, to drink from the bottle. This is according to the details given by Tho Bui. The bond between the four has grown so strong to the point that they feed, play and sleep together.

For Rosie, Lilo was a mentor to look up to, and soon she almost mimicked all that her husky friend was doing. This went on for a while and when the dogs went out to potty, she would also do likewise. When it was time for her friends to take a walk on a leash, Rosie could not resist the temptation. She too was put on a leash and took a walk together with the huskies.

By the fact that Lilo was the leader, it was quite easy for Infinity and Miko to embrace Rosie when she was introduced to them. It was one of the best things that have happened to Rosie so far. Right now, the bond between the four is just unbreakable. Watching them as they feed, play and walk together is quite a joy and at the same time, quite fascinating how a cat who was from a different world can actually fit in as Rosie has done.

As expected, this cat has borrowed a lot of traits from her friends and one of the unmistakable ones is that Rosie has become fearless and she obviously exudes a lot of confidence whenever Lilo is around. This is due to the fact that she understands that all is okay. There is surely a lot that human beings can learn from this relationship.

The future of these four is something that many would love to learn about and as the owners engage the huskies and Rosie in various activities, including paddle-boating and kayaking, the bond between them continues to grow. To this point, the affection they have for each other is boundless.

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