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Dog Sled Boot Camp

Dog-Sled-Boot-CampThere are many things to do in a boot camp for anyone who has participated in one. For individuals, it is a time to learn new tricks, get some wisdom from others in the camp as well as prepare for what is yet to come among other things. It is such a special occasion such that those crossing over from one stage of life to another, are taken to such camps to be oriented on what to expect.

In Belanglo State Forest, a boot camp is organized on various occasions too for the huskies and their handlers. Now, whenever huskies are mentioned, the idea at the back of anyone’s mind is that there will be snow-capped mountains on the background, fields of white powder and dogs pulling sleds at a high speed in the cold climate.

Well, for Belanglo State Forest, this is actually the complete opposite. Here, you will find a dirt road surrounded by pines which makes for the perfect environment for a dog sledding boot camp. The season for this particular event is usually between May and August when temperatures here fall below 14 degrees.

It is a perfect setting and time for the event, a time when you will find more than a dozen huskies gathered here for this particular event. One of the participants in the event is Peter Rose who has a team of 4 huskies that pull his two-wheeled rig. The dogs are striking white and grey in color and their leader is a feisty female called Leila.

In the cool and quiet environment of Belanglo State Forest, whenever Rose turns up for the event, you will hear him calling out “Leila, Leila! On by on by!” when he arrives at the crossroad as the team prepares to take a turn to the left as they head back to camp where other huskies are gathered, you will hear him cry out “Haw haw.”

This is the characteristic sound you will often hear at such an event when the silence in the cool environment is finally broken. Mr. Rose is thrilled at the experience of being part of the dynamic team that gets his adrenaline heightened and he enjoys being part of what he calls the ultimate authentic team.

In this particular event, there is the option of using either a two-wheeled rig or scooter and according to Mr. Rose, huskies generally and naturally are a go forward. So to train them to get used to the harness as well as pulling the weight behind them, he says that this is done with the help of leads and water bottles.

The fact that huskies are natural racers makes them the perfect choice for such occasions. He notes that on a particular instance he attained a speed of 48 kilometers per hour when racing with his team of 4 huskies. Mr. Rose and his wife at one time had a total of 14 huskies about 20 years ago when the sport began in New South Wales. The team became quite popular in the region and this helped the couple access sponsorship for various events. Since then organized competitions and clubs have reduced but this has not dimmed the enthusiasm that lover of this sport have and this is what has kept them going strong.

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