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Day Out for the Four-Legged

Day-out-for-the-Four-LeggedIf you thought humans are the only people in the world who fancy a day out either to catch some air, relax, mingle or just get to enjoy a new environment, well, you better think again. The reasons may not be similar to those that various individuals would put across but for dogs, this is a great time to make new friends, mingle and display their prowess as well.

For those that are not used to being around a group of people or other dogs, this is a great opportunity for them to experience what it feels like to be among such and they get to learn a lot too. It is a special treat that every dog owner should plan to give their dogs once in a while other than the usual walk in the park.

Recently, Perry Farm in Bradley opened its doors to dogs and their owners to mark the annual Dog Day Afternoon. It was not only a chance for dogs to socialize with both humans and their counterparts but also to exercise. A break from the lazy life in the house was what this event meant to some of them and it was well received.

A group of 250 dogs were gathered at the park that particular day, where they participated in various activities including taking some time to be petted and photos to be taken as well. Competitions were also held and various dogs displayed their tricks and areas designated as off-leash were ablaze with activity.

There was another stellar too; the fashion show. It was amazing to see various breeds including huskies dressed in costumes of all kinds of color and design for this particular event. Many could not hold back their amusement at this breathtaking experience, that had been put together to cut their lovely pets some slack.

The Bourbonnais Township Park District recreation supervisor, Nicole Jenkins, noted that dogs were wagging their tails all day long during the event just to signify how happy and grateful they were, to have had the chance to attend the annual event. Scruffy, a 12-year-old cockapoo was brought in by Tammy Bury the owner, from Kankakee, just to make friends.

Bury indicated that there were so many activities that Scruffy could participate in and that he does not get to see these many dogs, hence, a great time for him to mingle. Bury was thankful that the event seemed to be getting bigger every other year. For Apollo the 6-year-old Siberian husky from Bourbonnais, it was the first time to attend the event.

Kenny Jones, owner of the husky had his daughter’s face painted to look like Apollo since she wanted it that way. It was a great time for these two to enjoy the event. You might have thought that an occasional walk in the park or getting one or two more dogs to keep the other husky busy is good enough. Try a day out with other breeds from various regions at the park and you will be amazed at what this does to your adorable friend.

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