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A Husky and a Problem Solved

A-Husky-and-a-Problem-SolvedHuskies are not just great companions, ardent racers and all other things you have heard about them but also friends that can act as a scapegoat sometimes. This is not in bad taste at all but surviving a nasty relationship is a hard thing to live with and it can take ages to overcome this experience.

Domestic violence is rampart in various societies and though both men and women are prone to this, majority of those suffering from this vice are women. The worst bit is that most of them suffer in silence since it is hard to share about it due to various reasons and this might continue for a long time.

Amanda Tromp can relate to this so well after living in an abusive relationship for a long time, which she has since walked out from. If you are constantly on Instagram, you might have seen posts under the handle Goldilocks and the Wolf the name given to one of the early day fairy tales.

The stunning photos display various environments that Tromp and her lovely husky friend Kyro have visited within the United States in the course of their travel. These photographs have become a sensation on Instagram that have left many amazed at the beauty displayed through them.

However, behind Tromp’s smiling face in these photos lies a dark past that she will never desire to go back to. Before Kyro was adopted, Tromp had lost hope of ever escaping the abusive relationship she was in and she says that she had been enduring the nasty experience when she was with her boyfriend for close to a year.

A bloody nose, bruises and black eyes are some of the things that she could hardly hide from those around her and she was forced to lie about what had happened, since she was not comfortable sharing the truth with any of them. An ad on Craigslist that required one to bottle-feed Siberian husky pups as a volunteer came as a savior to Tromp.

That is how she finally managed to come out of the house to attend to her newly found task. But what could be defined as her defining moment was when she met Kyro the husky and she fell in love at first sight. She went on to adopt the pup and little did she know that her little friend then, would save her from the abuse she was experiencing, in the days that followed.

Soon, these two started going out for adventure and this became the excuse Tromp would use to get some time away. As the days went by, the man in the house understood what was happening and he started targeting Kyro. This was more than what Tromp could bear and finally, it prompted her to leave the relationship.

The two had won a battle that Tromp could not overcome all by herself for quite some time and the months that followed, they hit the road on various exploration expeditions. That is when Tromp developed a passion for photography that eventually became the source of her strength and happiness.

“Goldilocks and the Wolf” was the name given to these two by Tromp’s mother and she opted to use the same on Instagram. Today, she has close to 200,000 followers and her aim is to inspire others who are going through an abusive relationship, by showing them that they too can find joy in life once again. Kyro is more than a husky friend to Tromp who terms the four-legged Knight as her world.

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