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Insurance Cover for Dog Bites

Insurance-Cover-for-Dog-BitesThe world of insurance is so wide to the extent that it is almost impossible to exhaust every bit of it. Paying insurance premiums can be painful at times but it is necessary since no one is indispensible when it comes to various risks and injuries. That is why it is important for all to get an insurance cover as deemed appropriate.

The cost incurred after suffering certain incidences can be high and without an insurance cover, it will increase your budget expenditure significantly and sometimes, it might be difficult to pay up. An insurance cover against dog bites is the other product that insurance companies offer to homeowners in the U.S.

According to recent statistics, insurance liability for dog bites and dog –related homeowners insurance, reduced in 2015 but the cost for each claim went up. Statistics by the Insurance Information Institute and State Farm also indicate that on average, $37,214 was paid out nationwide over dog bite claims, up from $32,072 in 2014, which was a 16% increase.

A rise in medical costs in the U.S. is part of the reasons that have been attributed to the significant increase in pay out of various claims. In 2003, the National Health Expenditure per capita in the country was $6,099 and in 2014, it rose to $9,523 as per information sourced from Medicaid and Medicare services.

To counter this, some counties and municipalities within the U.S. have undertaken to mitigate the risk of dogs injuring individuals, by prohibiting certain dog breeds as pets. These are; Pit Bulls, Doberman Pinschers, Siberian Huskies, Akitas, Rottweilers and German Shepherds. The implication in this case is that if you own any of these breeds, you will be exempt from homeowner insurance policies, if you happen to be living in the counties and municipalities that have adopted this.

However, there are those areas that have not banned these breeds yet. For such, you will find that if you happen to make a claim after suffering dog bites as a homeowner, insurance companies may require you to waive the dog bites from your cover and this is to protect them from losses that would have otherwise been realized.

In other areas the situation is different. For example, the state of Ohio requires anyone who owns a dog that is in the category of vicious breeds, to get an additional coverage on liability, of an amount not less than $100,000. In Michigan and Pennsylvania, it is unlawful for any insurer to cancel or deny any homeowner an insurance policy cover if they own a certain dog breed.

It is important to respect the tastes and preferences of every individual when it comes to particular dog breeds but sometimes the law may not be in favor of this. Where this is the case, husky lovers have no option but to abide by the law and where they are welcome, the cost of insurance may be high depending on one’s financial capabilities. This can be discouraging and so you better be proud if you are free to own a husky, where there are no restrictions because some would not mind having one or more but have their hands tied.

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