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Some Advice on Caring for Huskies

Some-Advice-on-Caring-for-Huskies1Some well to-do families living in urban areas have taken to opening their homes to some of the exotic dog breeds such as Rottweilers, Saint Bernard’s, Siberian huskies and the Mastiffs. This is fine but the challenge is that some of these families live in regions where the climate is warm and it might also get hot to some extent during summer.

For these exotic breeds, the temperatures are quite high in such regions and survival in this case is quite hard. These environments are also characterized with some health challenges that huskies among other exotic breeds may face, which include heat strokes, skin ailments, dehydration and diarrhea.

The implication is that you will spend quite an amount on veterinary services if your husky friend is a victim of any of these, as you try to save their life. Stunted growth is the other challenge that you will experience amongst most of these exotic breeds when put in hot environments and it is said that they release most of the heat from their bodies through saliva hence, heightening the risks of dehydration.

In light of these aspects, it is evident that these breeds need quality care for them to thrive in such environments. Some have taken to confining such breeds in air conditioned rooms in a bid to ensure that the temperatures are fit for them but this is not enough. The other thing is that when owners of huskies in urban areas opt to take them for a walk, in most cases, the best they can do is 15 minutes.

This is barely enough considering that huskies are energetic and would want to be engaged in rigorous activities continuously. Others have thought that shaving off some of their coat will help them survive the hot environment but this is actually not true. The only thing that this does is expose them to the risks of skin infections.

Some of the things you might want to do if you live in a warm environment and are the owner of a husky, is taking an early morning walk with them when temperatures are quite low. At such an hour, a swim will be much appreciated since their bodies are accustomed to this. You could also opt for a late evening walk when the temperatures drop once again.

Diet is the other thing you will need to check on since it also needs some adjustment. A special diet of fish may work wonders in this case. Taking your husky for a trip to colder regions such as the Himalayas when summer sets in will be a great idea. Huskies enjoy such an environment and they adapt to it naturally.

Other things that might help your husky beat the heat of the day include;

  • Reducing the quantity of meals but increasing on the feeding frequency to aid in digestion.
  • A surprise drive in the cool of the day.
  • Playing mild music, which is more of a therapy for them.
  • Some-Advice-on-Caring-for-Huskies2Having portable fans next to where your husky sleeps.

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