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Tips for Exercising your Siberian Husky

Once you have adopted a Siberian Husky puppy or dog, you will need to begin to plan out an exercise routine for your pup. Without regular, vigorous exercise, Huskies will become bored, which can lead to extremely destructive tendencies. Selectively bred over hundreds of years to be energetic enough to enthusiastically run, pull, and carry, you will quickly find out your new pup is not happy unless he or she has a job to do. Since you may find performing the same exercise every day to be boring, listed below are suggestions to keep things fresh!

  1. Go for a run
    Since Huskies are natural born runners, this is an obvious exercise choice. Adding a doggy backpack to your pup can increase the amount of energy he or she expends on the run, as well. If you are not a runner but wish to get your Husky’s legs moving, look for a local dog runner in your area. Huskies can also be trained to run on a treadmill, which is perfect for the energetic dog of a not-so-energetic human.
  2. Go for a bicycle ride
    If running is not your cup of tea but you still enjoy cardio exercise, try riding your bicycle while your Husky runs alongside you. A number of contraptions exist to make running/riding easy and safe for both you and your dog. This is optimal exercise for people who live near long bike paths and green-ways, and bicycling can tire your pup out in a fraction of the time it would take if both of you were running.
  3. Teach your Husky to pull a cart
    For extremely high-energy Huskies who are not satisfied with regular runs, walks, or bike rides, urban mushing may be ideal. Investing in a cart for treks on county roads or bike paths can help satisfy your dog’s innate desire to run and pull. A limitless variety of carts are available, from ones that the handler stands on, to recumbent-style wheeled sleds. If unsure how to begin teaching your dog to pull, some cities offer urban mushing classes, or online forums and websites dedicated to the Siberian Husky breed can be a great resource, as well.
  4. Go sledding in the winter
    Your Husky would love nothing more than to pull you or your family members through the snow in a sled. Similar to carting, a variety of sleds are available that can be connected to your dog via a specialized harness. This form of exercise fulfills your dog’s most innate drives, and will leave him or her smiling for the rest of the day.
  5. Give your Husky a playmate
    Huskies are pack animals that love to be surrounding by other people and dogs. A great way to tire your dog out is to let him or her play with other dogs, whether at the Dog Park, through puppy play dates, or by purchasing a second dog. Two compatible high-energy dogs can make life easier because they will seek out each other for attention, and can spend hours entertaining one another by wrestling, chasing, and exploring the yard together.

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