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Holiday Gift Guide for your Siberian Husky

Has your Husky been a good dog this year? If you are not planning to put a lump of coal in his or her stocking this holiday season, here are some last minute gift ideas for the canine member of your family!

1. A sandbox, price varies – If your Siberian Husky is like most, he or she would love nothing more than to be given free rein to dig in the yard. Why not give your pup a special digging area, and let him fulfill his or her doggy dreams of covering, and uncovering, the same hole all day long.

2. A heated bed– After your Husky has worn him or herself out by playing in the snow all day, nothing will feel better than coming inside to lounge on a heated dog bed for the rest of the night. Available in many different colors, sizes, and options (such as self heated vs. electric), you are sure to find the perfect bed for your dog!


3. Trips to doggy day care, price varies- Doggy day care not only provides a fun-filled day for your dog, but also peace of mind for you for a few hours, knowing that your dog is not getting into trouble. Safer than the dog park, day care facilities separate dogs into age, size, and energy-level appropriate play groups. Playtime is supervised, and a dog trainer will ensure no inappropriate play occurs. Even better, this opportunity for socialization will leave your dog exhausted for the rest of the day! 4. Donation in his name, price variesIf your dog is especially charitable, consider donating to a reputable organization in his or her name. Was your Siberian Husky a rescue? Donating back to the facility he or she came from is always a nice gesture to help out Husky friends that have not found furever homes yet.

4. A special holiday hike, free

All that your dog really wants this holiday season is to spend quality time with the people he or she loves, preferably outdoors. Your dog would love nothing more than to go on a long hike with favorite people, marveling at the beauty of fresh-fallen snow.

4. Paw Protection, 5. Every dog needs a functional gift in his or her stocking. Your Siberian Husky’s paws may become dry, chapped, and cracked from the cold. Pamper your pup’s paws this holiday season with a product like Musher’s Secret, a paw wax that keeps snow and salt from irritating your dog’s feet.

5. Go Go Dog Pal, 6.  Does your Siberian Husky love to run and chase, leaving you exhausted and worn out? Exercise your dog from the comfort of your own yard with this remote controlled dog toy. Able to move at speeds up to 25 mph, the Go Go Dog Pal could entertain your Husky for hours while you lounge with your favorite beverage and observe all the fun.

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