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Owners of Huskies Fined

Owners-of-Huskies-FinedOwning a husky or several comes at a cost, part of which is accommodation, veterinary care, cleaning, feeding and even grooming for those who go to that extent. At the point of deciding to own one, most individuals will have factored in this cost already, in addition to creating the best environment for the pet.

Often some of these owners know that they might have to take care of more than this, when they bring a husky in to live with them. Noise pollution is something that continues to be an oversight among many who have huskies around them. You might be lucky to bring up your puppy in such a way that it will not be a nuisance in the neighborhood in terms of noise.

But what happens when your adorable huskies become a nuisance within your locality and maybe you had not thought or planned for this? This definitely means trouble. Stephen and Lynette Hinchliffe are a couple living in Armitage Road, Deepcar and the owners of 20 huskies. This is a huge number but as long as you are capable of managing them, it is fine.

This is the challenge that the couple was unable to handle for some time when it became obvious that their four-legged companions were noisy and a nuisance to the neighbors around. There had been constant complaints from those living around them concerning the howling of their dogs that kept them from sleeping on several occasions.

As the issue grew persistent, a noise monitoring device was installed at a property close to where the couple lives and in just one week, 20 instances of noise termed a statutory nuisance were recorded. This was quite serious and it confirmed why people living around them were uncomfortable and going by this, they had every reason to complain.

What followed was the issuance of a noise abatement notice to the couple in July 2015 but they failed to comply with it. That same year, 40 instances of excess noise especially early in the morning were recorded in September alone. Finally, the couple had to appear on trial at the Sheffield Magistrates’ Court.

The outcome of their trial was that Mr. Hinchliffe, 52, and Mrs. Hinchliffe, 45 were fined £500 each in addition to paying the Sheffield Council a total of £475 in costs, a £200 compensation to those living around them and a victim surcharge of £50. The sum total of what the couple was expected to pay was £2,400.

The cabinet member of the environment, Councilor Bryan Lodge was happy with the verdict and indicated that in case efforts to solve such a situation fail to bear fruit, the ultimate is formal action as had been experienced in the case of this couple. Ignorance is surely no defense and if the couple had respected the warning and tried to see how they could rectify the situation, maybe they would not have found themselves in this mess.

For those planning to own a husky or more, this is a great lesson to ponder on and you might as well plan how you will deal with this in case you fall victim, should you adopt one.

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