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For the Love of Huskies…

ForTheLoveOfHuskiesPassion is unbreakable to the extent that one will go the furthest they can, to push for what they believe is an inborn desire that can only be fulfilled by accomplishing what they feel on the inside. Passion goes beyond what one is set to receive at the end in terms of the price, because it is all about realizing a specific dream.

So whether one receives the price or not, as long as their desire is not fulfilled they will keep on pursuing until they get to realize this. What happens after it is fulfilled is that it becomes a lifestyle that one adopts for the rest of their lives. That is how strong passion is and it is definitely what drives many to accomplish the unimaginable.

Ron Gagne and Terri Rendon know this all too well since they adopted Siberian huskies and in the course of time took to mushing. The adoption of the full-breed happened 13 years ago and as at now, these two have more than they can actually count. Adopting one led to adoption of another and as their love for the amazing huskies grew, they soon found that they owned a park of these.

Based in Warrenton, Gagne and Rendon go for training runs with the huskies at a distance that takes them a 45 minutes drive from home. This is either at White’s Ferry (Dickerson, Md.) or Point of Rocks, Md where there are paths meant for training purposes. This was the case every other time until January this year when something phenomenal happened.

Just from their house to the end of their cul-de-sac, a pavement was covered by snow for almost 3 miles. This was at the edge of the driveway and it gave them the opportunity to do their training within Warrenton. This was quite rare to find in this area and it was a delightful experience too.

Other than this, Gagne has expressed his passion for dogs and racing with the huskies too in environments covered with trees and snow. This has driven the two to participate in various races in widespread destinations including Canada, Ohio, Michigan and New York. This is quite a task but passion keeps them going every other time there is a racing opportunity, in any of these destinations.

All they do is filling up the 10 crates in their cargo van with the huskies; usually a 6 dog team for Gagne and a 4 dog team for Rendon. This happens every winter when they take part in either 5 or 6 races. The journey from Warrenton to either of the destinations begins on Friday morning to arrive at the destination in the night, just in time for a musher’s dinner and registration.

After this, all take a rest and on Saturday the race begins with placement of mushers across the finish line, determining the order in which the race will follow on day two. At the close of the race the next day, money purses, medals and trophies are awarded to best performers after which Gagne and Rendon take some time to rest, before travelling back home on Monday.

This is a clear illustration of the extent to which passion can drive you and you can be sure that these two will be racing for a long time coming, since passion is their driving force.

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