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Sled Dog Scooter

SledDogScooterFor a long time, it had been believed that for one to participate and enjoy the sled dog sport, four to six dogs, a sled and a snowy environment were a requirement. This made it difficult for those who love the sport to participate since maybe they did not have all that was required. For those living in environments where snow was lacking, 3 or four wheeled trolleys could work out just fine.

To some extent, this became a sport limited to only a few individuals but not anymore, with the advent of the sled dog scooter. Having its origin from the Arctic Circle, unlike its closely related predecessor that required a team of dogs, unaided and pulling either a sled or trolley behind, the scooter does not require you to invest in all these.

You only need at least two dogs and a scooter and you can turn this to a team activity very easily by having a number of these with both the rider and dogs pulling in unison. This is much more enjoyable and some like the Scarper event held in winter at Fosbender Park at Invercargill, have become popular.

The park organizes various events including the two dog scooter club event that features the Siberian huskies pulling scooters in a competition. Huskies have been found to thrive in snowy environments but even where snow is not present, huskies are doing well too. That is why this competition held in Southland has opened up the opportunity to many more who would have desired to take part in sled dog oriented events.

The other advantage of scooter competitions is that they can be held on dry land. Hence, if you are living in an environment that does not experience snow; you do not need to worry about this since it is not a requirement for scooter activities. Scooters are now available commercially making the 1 and 2 dog classes more popular as opposed to the 4 to 6 dog classes.

This is a sure sign that many were being denied the opportunity to enjoy a sport they valued and loved for a long time, due to one limitation or another. The scooter is an invention that has been adopted the world over and lovers of this sport now have a chance to take their Siberian huskies on the tracks when a competition is organized, to identify the best among many of their kind.

In the past it would have been difficult to imagine that anything of this sort could have been possible, given the notion that may have been instilled in the minds of many among other things. Some inventions take courage and the Siberian dog pulled scooter is one of those. One may have wondered whether it would really work, but what was hard to imagine turned out to be exactly what the world needed.

So whether there is an event organized or not, you can enjoy the scooter as you bring the winter alive with one or two of your Siberian dogs.

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